Provocative Advertisement: Mother No Longer Allowed to Drop Off Children at School

“I am not doing anything illegal.”

In the U.S. state of Florida, there are numerous Christian private schools, and one of them has prohibited a mother from picking up her children. Here’s why.

While so-called “parent taxis” are a common source of frustration in Germany, where parents dropping off their children directly in front of the school regularly congest streets and impede traffic flow, this practice is considered normal in the U.S. due to cities being more car-centric and less pedestrian-oriented. However, in the city of Tavares, Florida, Liberty Christian Prep, a Christian private school, recently forbade a mother from dropping off and picking up her children directly in front of the school building.

The reason, as reported by the website “,” which first covered the incident, is a promotional sticker on the rear window of Michelle Cline’s car, the concerned mother. Adorning the full width of her Dodge SUV, the sticker advertises her account on the platform “Onlyfans.” Cline is active on the platform, providing explicit videos and images for her paying followers.

Now, she is only allowed to drop off and pick up her children across from the Christian school. However, this poses safety concerns for the mother: “My children now have to cross a busy street and then walk across a parking lot to get to school,” she told Fox 14 news.

For other parents of students attending Liberty Christian Prep School, the school made the right decision. Lexy Thomas, whose children also attend the school, said, “My children are distracted by the advertising on her car. No matter how hard I try to be a good mother, pornography is the first thing my children see on their way to school,” Thomas expressed to Fox 14.

There is a simple solution for Cline to be able to drop off her children in front of the school again. According to the school, she just needs to remove the large advertisement for her adult content account from her car.

However, Michelle Cline is unwilling to do so: “Through Onlyfans, I support my family and can provide them with a very comfortable life.” She emphasizes that her activities are legal within the laws of the state of Florida. Cline now plans to engage in a dialogue with the school and hopes to at least secure a commitment from the school to provide someone who can safely accompany her children across the busy street.

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