What is 4based? A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Have you ever come across the platform 4based on the internet and wondered what lies behind it? We’ve taken a closer look at the website to provide you with more insight.

Behind the Scenes of 4based

According to its own description, 4based is a platform for content creators and fans. In essence, the site functions much like a social network: you create a profile and can follow other users. However, there’s a crucial difference compared to platforms like Instagram or Facebook. 4based offers the option to make created content visible only for a fee. This means that to view all pictures of a profile, either a subscription is required or a one-time payment for unlocking individual images. To become a content creator, verification with an official identification document is necessary alongside user registration. This ensures that all creators are of legal age – a measure with a good reason.

Primarily Explicit Content

Although the homepage of 4based does not indicate it, the platform primarily focuses on explicit images and videos. Profiles that do not share erotic content are nowhere to be found on 4based. This aligns with the concept that has made platforms like OnlyFans successful – picking up where Instagram and similar platforms leave off: nudity. Many influencers use their profiles on other platforms to promote their 4based accounts and direct fans to the site, where they can earn money with their content.

Who Operates 4based?

A look at 4based’s imprint reveals that the site is operated by a company based in Switzerland. While not much can be gleaned about this company, a brief search engine inquiry shows that the company also operates other adult content portals on the internet.

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